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Weird Friday – Strange Art

ART – we’ve all seen examples of it. It’s everywhere. Artists have the ability to transport your mind to other worlds and make you think a little differently.

I have found some websites that have examples of strange and weird art.

This is a picture from this website. There are a lot of examples of weird art at this website.

weird art

For some awesome fractal art check out this website.

Poop and art in the same sentence? Who would have thunk it?

Here is an article about a dude that spent 3 months making a post it mosaic. It actually looks quite nice. That’s dedication for you.

weird art

Scott Wade creates art pieces on the windows of very dirty art. Check out his website for some more examples.

The following images are some examples of food art that I really like.

foo art - apple

food art

bicycle art

Read an article about this bicycle art here.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.



One thought on “Weird Friday – Strange Art

  1. haha like the pictures!

    Check out my gallery if you can spare some time:

    Posted by sanderbos | March 29, 2010, 14:32

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