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Katy Perry and 3oh!3

I am loving Katy Perry at the moment. Her new single, ‘California Girls’, is wonderfully upbeat. My current favourite song of hers is a collaboration with 3oh!3. It’s called Starstrukk. It’s fun and vibey and you can’t help but sing along. If you’d like to learn the words to the song you can get them … Continue reading

More 2010 fan park info

Image source Recently I wrote a post that listed the locations of the fan parks for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Read it here. I’ve had a few queries about the rules and regulations pertaining to the fan parks. I found an nice article on all about the fan parks. There’s a section on … Continue reading

Nokia and Yahoo join forces

Nokia and Yahoo have announced a ‘worldwide strategic alliance’ at a press event in New York. The venture will see Nokia’s Ovi Maps being used by Yahoo, while Yahoo will be running the Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat service. Ovi Mail and Chat will now have the added “powered by Yahoo” tagline while Yahoo Maps … Continue reading

Nike gives personalised boots to the national soccer team

Nike handed over special edition Nike Elite Series football boots to 19 sponsored players from the national soccer team on Friday 21 May 2010. The boots were individually personalised with the South African flag and personal lettering and/or numbering for each player. You read the rest of the story here. You can read an article … Continue reading

The Given Collective

My brother has inspired me to look more deeply and investigatively at fashion. His passion is fashion. You can read his blog here. So I was surfing the net and reading some of my favourite blogs and I found an article at Between 10 and 5 about The Given Collective. I liked the pictures that … Continue reading

2010 MTN fan parks

Following is a list of the MTN fan parks for the soccer world cup: 1 – Cape Town – venue: Grand Parade incorporating City Hall 2 – Port Elizabeth – venue: St Georges Park 3 – Nelspruit venue: Bergvlam High School 4 – Polokwane – venue: Cricket Club 5 – Johannesburg – venue 1: Elkah … Continue reading

Waka Waka – the official 2010 world cup song

I know it’s been a while since the release of the official anthem for the 2010 World Cup, but I’ve been putting off listening to it because I’ve seen comments and stories saying that it isn’t that awesome. However, I’ve just listened to it on youtube and I think it’s okay. It’s full of african … Continue reading

A true South African experience

Today I took a taxi. You know the one – the kombi smothered in graffiti that looks like it’s about to fall apart and yet still somehow manages to transport people where they need to be. Yep, I took one today. And I was pleasantly surprised. The driving was decent, the music wasn’t loud and … Continue reading