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This weekend is Easter and all the kiddies, and some mommies and daddies too, are waiting anxiously for the easter bunny to make his arrival. Easter is an annual religious holiday. According to Christian scripture, Jesus was resurrected on the third day after his crucifixion. Some Christians celebrate this resurrection on Easter Day or Easter … Continue reading

Twilight author, Stephanie Meyer, writes another Twilight book

I read all four of the Twilight books and I loved every moment. When I finished the last book I found myself wondering if Stephanie Meyer would write another installment detailing the life of Edward and Bella’s baby girl, Renesmee. Well, she’s written another novel, but it’s not about that. It tells the story of … Continue reading

Save the frogs day – April 30th 2010

I was checking out the Miss Earth SA blog and I came across an article about ‘Save the frogs day’. The aim of this day is to raise awareness about the plight of amphibians. I did not know that amphibians are on the endangered animals list. I’ve heard about the panda and the tiger, but … Continue reading

Art from around the web

I’ve been teaching myself gimp over the past few weeks and while surfing the net for tutorials I’ve come across some beautiful artwork. The 2 images above were designed by Miriam Moshinsky. She was born in Russia but now lives in Israel. You can see the original article here. The caricature above was done by … Continue reading

National Cleavage Day

THERE ARE PICTURES OF BOOBIES IN THIS POST – BE WARNED. It’s National Cleavage Day tomorrow (26th March) and I’ve been wondering what the point of it is. Does any charity benefit from this event? What is the event meant to make us think about? Besides the obvious of course. So I did a little … Continue reading

Wednesday Links – News from around the world

My favourite news event for this week is the drama between FIFA and Kulula. Kulula released an advertisement that had a lot of soccer images in it and FIFA took exception to this. Kulula had to pull the ad but shortly replaced it with exactly the same picture but with a few notes added to … Continue reading

Weird news from around the world

Seriously guys, some weird stuff happens. Some of it is downright dof. Take, for example, this guy. He lost his Lamborghini, yes, I said Lamborghini, because he was too drunk to remember where he’d parked it. I’m telling you now, it doesn’t matter how drunk I get, I’m still gonna remember where my little mazda … Continue reading

What's on in Durban

There’s a lot happening in Durban this weekend. I’ll get straight into it. Lifestyle Events 1 – Vacca Matta at Suncoast Casino is hosting the 75 Fashion Couture Style Extravaganza on the 19th March. It is a fashion show of international standards. Garments will be on sale at the venue. It starts at 8pm. Phone … Continue reading