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Out in Africa SA Gay & Lesbian Film Festival film offerings

out in africa film festival

The Out in Africa SA Gay and Lesbian Film Festival was launched in 1994 and runs at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and at Hyde Park in Johannesburg from the 1st to the 10th of April.

This year’s festival has a line-up of eight features and two short films.

Two additional seasons of the festival are scheduled for August and October this year.

The films that will be screened are:

Bloomington (2010 USA 83 mins)


A romance emerges between Jackie, a former TV child star, and her college professor, Catherine, who seduces the undergraduate.

Buffering (2010 UK 70 mins)

buffering movie

Lovers Aaron and Seb are having financial problems. Aaron’s plan is to put their private life on the internet, but he doesn’t tell Seb. This leads to obvious problems.

The Cost of Love (2011 UK 90 mins)

the cost of love movie

Dale, an escort based in Greenwich, London, appears to have it all, including clients who have strange tastes. Life, of course, has its own way of sorting itself out.

Dare (2010 USA 92 mins)

dare the movie

Drama erupts at a high school when Alexa is pursues bad boy Johnny. The only problem is that her best friend, Ben, is also pursuing Johnny.

From Beginning to End (2010 Brazil 96 mins) (Portuguese film with English subtitles)

from beginning to end

Two step-brothers’ fraternal bond stretches the boundaries of societal conventions.

Recipe For A Killing (2010 France 60 mins) (French film with English subtitles)

(I could not find a picture for this one)

Things get bloody in a small restaurant in a vineyard when rough teen Aline comes up against the owner, Gerard.

Strapped (2010 USA 93 mins)


This story follows a rent boy’s long night in an apartment block. He initially goes there for one client but random encounters lead to his inability to leave.

We Have to Stop Now (2009 USA 79 mins)

we have to stop now

Dyna and Kitt (who are both therapists), enter therapy themselves when their co-authored guide to negotiating relationships, How to Succeed in Marriage Without Even Trying, hits the best-seller list and they are forced to relate.

Go here to get the full programme and schedule.




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