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Kumari Suraj Workshops in Durban

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Kumari Suraj is the founder/director of The Waackers crew in LA, Queen Bee of the Jungle Jills, creator of the London Waacktitioners and Mother of Framework in South Africa (The first Waacking/Vogue crew in AFRICA).

Waacking is an evolution of the dance style ‘Posing’. It derives from the 70’s disco movement of the underground gay club scene in Los Angeles. The Waackers, now leading the new school movement, is the first official Waacking crew to emerge out of the Waacking resurgence of 2003-present day.

kumari suraj

Kumari was the first pioneering dancer to bring the movements of Waacking, Vogue & House to South Africa and is the reason it exists in our country today.

Kumari Suraj has been teacher, mentor and training coach to some of Waacking’s leading up and coming dancers in the industry today. (Noel Bajandas, Junko Sasaki, Raquel Cabrera, Chacha Bones, Nellie Bethel, Framework, Urban Angels (Malaysia), The Waackers, London Waacktitioners)

She has been a catalyst for unifying and developing the Waacking community in Los Angeles, South Africa and the UK.

7 years into the dance Kumari Suraj has made an international name for her unique style of Waacking the world over through workshops, master classes, battles, judging and mentoring programs in North America, the UK, Europe, Malaysia and South Africa.

With 24 years of dance experience under her belt, Kumari Suraj, has a vast arsenal of styles including, New Jack Swing, Vogue, House, Poppin, Locking, Bgirling, Hip Hop, West African, Latin styles and Ballet.

Kumari has been a featured dancer/model/artist in magazines such as DANCE SPIRIT, television shows like THE HIP HOP SHOW and documentaries including SMALL CITY BIG HIP HOP. She has danced for artists like MC Hammer, Bo Benton, Carmit Bachar, Little Boots and Sony recording artists Jhazebel, and has earned a notable reputation in the dance community.

Now calling Los Angeles home, Kumari signed to MSA agency in 2009 and has been building her career steadily ever since.

When in LA you can catch Kumari’s weekly Waacking classes at the historic Debbie Reynold’s Dance Studio and the newer IDA Hollywood.

Kumari Suraj – 2011 Showreel

Now for the best part – Kumari is in Durban and will be doing a HipHop workshop at the studio of Dance Direction International on Wednesday the 30th March. The entrance fee is only R60 per workshop. For more information contace Des (Dance Direction International) on 0825631995.

Workshop times are:
13h00- 14h30 Beginners to Intermediate
15h00- 16h30 for Advanced




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