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International TV Series being filmed in Durban


Durban city centre has been turned into a giant movie set for the shooting of Strike Back 2.

The producers are using Durban for “cheat scenes” for Delhi, Kuala Lumpur and Pakistan.

The series is produced by a local company, Out of Africa Entertainment, in conjunction with the UK company, Left Bank Pictures for the HBO channel. It is a multi-million rand production.

Strike Back 2 is based on a novel by Chris Ryan.

Deon du Preez of Out of Africa said: “The series features an organisation called Section 20, comprising a unit of highly skilled operatives who hunt deadly terrorists and defuse a plot which could potentially lead to war
“It’s a fast pace, high action TV series and a great project to be filmed in South Africa.”

The series first aired last year and according to the Broadcasters Audience Research Board more than 1million viewers tuned in.

“The centre of the city will be filmed as an Indian hotel under siege from international terrorists. Filming will take place from about 11am until midnight each day.
“Fake gunshots will be fired, some minor explosions will be heard, and in some of the scenes “snipers” will be seen on various surrounding rooftops,” said Du Preez.

Toni Monty of the Durban Film Office said that they city will be paid a location fee.



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