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Britney won't perform at the grammys?!


Previously I wrote a post about Britney Spears being the opening act for this years Grammy Awards.

Well, it appears that the rumours and reports were incorrect. Britney’s manager Adam Leber insists that the pop singer won’t be hitting the stage at the Grammys.

He wrote on Twitter, “Need to clear something up. This Grammy rumor is just that, a rumor. @BritneySpears was NEVER performing. That said, you will be seeing her soon…..”

The other day Britney took to twitter to answer some fan questions. This is what was said:

“Will you YOURSELF give us an answer about the Grammy rumor?” asked Spears fan @themrspears. “I won’t be there and was never planning on going,” she tweeted back.

I must say that I am disappointed that she won’t be performing because I was looking forward to an energy packed dance performance.

Just goes to show that you can’t believe every report you read.

For those of your who are waiting every day for the HIAM video teasers, here’s a video that a fan has made of all of the teasers so far.

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