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Vogue Talent Competition 2011


If you think you are the next big fashion writer and you dream of working in one of the industry greats, like Vogue, then go along and enter this competition.

The Vogue Talent Contest for young writers has been running for 60 years. Recent winners of the competition have gone on to become successful authors, poets and members of Vogue’s staff.

Vogue is looking for journalists who can identify a story and tell it with a passionate and creative flair. Entry to the competition is open to anyone in the world under that age of 25.

Here is what you have to do to enter – you must complete all sections:
1 – Write about a personal memory (800 words)
2 – Write a short feature article (500 words)
3 – Write an opinion piece (500 words)

You have to include a passport-sized photo of yourself which must be attached to a piece of paper with you name, address, telephone number, date of birth and occupation on it.

These are some of the past winners of the competition:

1 – STEPHEN DOIG (2007): He is currently working at a new online video magazine called T5M.COM as their fashion editor, as well as writing for British Vogue, Vogue Nippon, GQ, the Saturday Telegraph magazine and the Numero Tokyo. CLICK HERE TO READ HIS WINNING ENTRY

2 – LEISA BARNETT (2006): She has remained at Vogue House ever since she won the contest, and currently writes the daily news for VOGUE.COM. CLICK HERE TO READ HER WINNING ENTRY

For the conditions of entry go to
The closing date is the 8th of April 2011




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