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Fashion of the J&B Met 2011

past master

The J&B MET 2011 was won by Past Master. He clinched victory ahead of Mother Russia and Run For It, who placed second and third respectively.

This year’s theme was “Larger than Life”. Natalie Becker wore a purple number by Richard Huisamen from Hip Hop and a matching hairpiece. Jo-Ann Strauss wore a long red dress, and comedian Marc Lottering was casual in a candy-striped blazer and jeans.

Chester Williams wore a silky lime-green and sky-blue suit coupled with white shoes. Some people wore kilts, there was a man in an animal print suit and another in baggy sequinned pants with a feathered blazer.

Most of the finalists in the most elegant couple competition sported specially designed ensembles. Brazillian couple Landerson Braga and Marianne Fonseca won the prize.

The pair wore matching outfits in the J&B colours of red and yellow.

Follow this link to see a gallery of some of the outfits from the day.




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