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Lindiwe Suttle – most stylish South African

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Performing artist, Lindiwe Suttle, won the Most Stylish South African at the SA Style Awards a few days ago, and she showed the audience why with her outfit for the opening song. She wore an elaborate feathered cape and headdress during her performance.

During the course of the evening she wore a chic black ensemble she found at a vintage clothing shop, and performed two more songs in a red tasseled dress, and in an umbrella-topped white outfit.

She dedicated her award to the local designers who have dressed her for the past ten years.

Suttle said – "For me, style is the inner expression of self."

“ "There should be no confusion between the labels you can afford and your personal style. My mother always taught me that style starts and ends with a good attitude and that, no matter what you wear, if you don’t have the funkiness to pull it off, it just won’t work."

She describes her own style as a mix of feminine and masculine influences.

"I call my style a combination of vintage and punk rock. The vintage takes care of my feminine side, and punk rock expresses my harder, masculine edges," she said. “

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She thanked her favourite local designers,(including Kluk CDGT, Ida Esje, Phillipa Green, Kutlwano Molokomme, and Stoned Cherrie) for their creativity.

She revealed that her chic black outfit for the evening was bought at vintage shop Reindeer.

Her incredible stage outfits were hired from Stage and Theatre Costume Rental, proving that you don’t need to spend thousands to look amazing.

Check out Lindiwe Suttle’s official website to be kept up to date on events and shows. –

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