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Vodacom to Change the World

Yesterday Vodacom launched Change the World. Its an initiative that will give 10 people an opportunity to work at 1 of 10 charitable organisations around South Africa for six months and get paid for it.

Vodacom SA managing director, Shaeel Joosub, said that everyone was welcome, but the selection team would select a volunteer who had the needed skills. He said that those not selected should not despair as they too would get a chance.

"This is an ongoing project. We start with 10 and when it ends in six months, we will start again and might increase the number of places to volunteer at," he said.

Director of Business Against Crime Reverend Sma Dywili said the initiative was good because everyone wanted to bring change.

"Now you can change the world by changing a person’s life. The problem before was that there was no platform," he said.

Avusa media editor-in-chief Mondli Makhanya said they would publicise the initiative.

The campaign is aligned to a worldwide Vodafone initiative, called World of Difference.

You can get an application form on the Vodacom website (




2 thoughts on “Vodacom to Change the World

  1. This is an amazing opportunity here in south africa ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE THAT NEED OUR HELP THE MOST.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, I would love to be part of this initiative,BIG UPS TO MY SERVISE PROVIDER VODACOM;my personal contact details 0726460339

    Posted by Patrick P.Gumbi | November 23, 2010, 20:03
  2. Hi Voda people, i think this a good initiative although i think i am a bit late to volunteer but in future please put my name in, i am even available between 25 Dec – 07 Jan 2011 in case you need any voluteers and i dont need money to help out. I think you can also ask those people who are on leave but not doing anything for their festivities. and we can offer help all over South Africa and giving back those in need. This initiative can be called “I AM ON LEAVE HOW CAN I HELP”. Just an idea. if you have anything i am available on 084 900 5198.

    Posted by Tshepiso | December 9, 2010, 10:25

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