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South African company to be part of 5th ‘Fast and the Furious’ movie

KwaZulu-Natal based paint manufacturer, ChemSpec, has been chosen to do the paint jobs on the cars in the 5th film in the Fast & Furious series, which is due out in 2011.

The company’s Metalux automotive paint range has been used on over 70 cars used in the film.

ChemSpec chief executive Strath Wood said the selection had been a welcome coup at a time when the company is expanding aggressively into the lucrative North American market. The news closely follows the announcement Force Five Racing, one of the world’s biggest kit car component manufacturers, had chosen it as its official paint supplier.

"In The Fast and the Furious, the cars are just as much the stars as the actors. Film audiences expect the cars to look stunning and with each new instalment, their expectations are higher," said Wood.

The production team was looking for a paint brand that would provide high quality at a competitive price and it needed to dry quickly.

Some of the scenes were filmed in Puerto Rico. Colours of the vehicles varied from exclusive models dating back several years to upcoming car colours due for launch in 2011.

The production team was so satisfied with the paint’s performance in Puerto Rico that the system was taken to Atlanta for the next stage of filming.




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