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Levi’s “Get rid of your jeans for good” campaign

Levi Strauss SA is asking customers to recycle their jeans in its "Get Rid of your Jeans for Good" campaign. If you donate any pair of jeans to your local Levi’s store you will get a discount off a new pair. The money raised will go to charities working with HIV/AIDS sufferers.

Last year Levis was able to donate 11 834 pairs of jeans.

For one month, until 8 November, 2010, consumers will be able to bring their old pairs of jeans – any brand, colour, style or size, as long as they are still wearable – to any Levi’s store and you will receive a discount of either R100 or R150. The jeans that are collected will be donated to 2 charitable organisations who support communities affected by HIV/AIDS.

"Levi Strauss & Co has a proud history of being actively involved in many corporate social responsibility initiatives and was recently acknowledged for this when winning the ‘Ubuntu’ Award at the 2010 Loerie Awards," said Debbie Gebhardt, Levi’s marketing director. "The company is very aware of the social, health and environmental challenges that our world faces and is committed to developing a business model that is sustainable in every way."

For more details, listen out for the ads on YFM, Heart FM and Good Hope FM or go to the Levi’s website



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