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The winners of 2010 SA Blog Awards

Congratulations to all of the winners.

Blog of the year:

Ogilvy Twitter Micro Blogger of the Year:
The Ogily Best Media and Marketing Blog:
The Kulula Best Travel Blog:
The Old Mutual Best Green Blog:
The Evox Advanced Nutrition Best Sports Blog:
The UCT Graduate School of Business Best Blog:
The Havana Club Rum Best Blog Design:
The Jameson Whisky Best Fashion Blog:
The Olmeca Edicion Black Best Music Blog:
The Best Parenting Blog:
The Best Personal Blog:
The Best Company Blog:
The Most Controversial Blog:
The Best Indigenous Language Blog:
The Best Group Blog:
The Best South African Podcast/Video Blog:
The Best Science and Technology Blog:
The Best Food and Wine Blog:
The RE/MAX Best New Blog:
The Best Photographic Blog:
The Best Blog about Politics:
The Best Overseas South African Blog:
The Exclus1ves Best Entertainment Blog:
Best Post on a SA Blog:
Best TV/Radio Blog:

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