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Vuvuzela makes it into the Oxford Dictionary


The vuvuzela has been added to the latest edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English. It is defined as a ‘long, plastic instrument, in the shape of a trumpet, which makes a very loud noise when you blow it, and is popular with football fans in South Africa’.

The vuvuzela has been awarded this accolade after "vuvuzela" was voted the word of the 2010 World Cup.

Other newcomers include microblogging, staycation and turducken – which is a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey – naturally.

Some more new words being added to the dictionary are:

4GL, n
anilingus, n.
animal rightist, n.
anteclypeus, n.
ascon, n.
asconoid, adj. and n.
atelestite, n.
band-tail, n.
band-tailed, adj.
bell-ring, n.
caffè ristretto, n.
C. diff., n.
C. difficile, n.

For a full list of additions follow the link –




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