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Monday Morning News Round-up – The strike

Today, I am very sad to call myself a South African. Over the past few days I have followed the news stories about the public servants’ strike that is happening in our country and I am extremely disappointed.
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There have been reports of violence and intimidation and the people who are suffering are those that are helpless – our children and our elderly and people with medical emergencies. Not to mention the effect this is having on our economy.

I read a story about an ambulance driver who was trying to get an ill woman who was in labour admitted to a hospital. He drove around for three hours before he found an institution that would admit her. In another story, a young school girl was beaten up by a group of strikers. Apparently they thought she was a teacher.

What really gets me about the behaviour of these people is that they are educated people. Yet, they behave in this manner.

I have no problem with requesting more money. Everyone is struggling financially. But surely there are better ways to do this?

Here are a few articles about the strike for you to read:




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