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The Parlotones to release U.S. debut album

The Parlotones will release their U.S debut album, called ‘Stardust Galaxies’, on the 14th of September and features the lead single ‘Life Design’. The band has reached multi-platinum status in South Africa.

" Stardust Galaxies’s lead single, ‘Life Design’, serves as an "ode to those who have created success despite adversity," says The Parlotones’s front man, Kahn Morbee. "It’s a celebration of those people who have an innate exuberance for life, and pursue the betterment of their own live and the lives of those around them." "


The band hopes that their music can entertain while also providing lyrical insights into the stories, and social and political struggles, of South Africa.

The band received SAMA Awards this year for best rock album for ‘Stardust Galaxies’ and best music video for ‘Push Me to the Floor’.

Check out The Parlotones official website here ( to watch their video for ‘Life Design’.

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