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My experiences of the past week


My life is a bit hectic at the moment. I’m in the middle of exams, I’m trying to plan a wedding, I’m trying to find my brother a job, and I HATE my job. So I’m dealing with studying, thinking of ways to make extra money and trying to find a new job for myself at the same time. I can handle it – RIGHT?

Ya sure – I can handle it, but I think my family is feeling neglected. A decent meal for supper doesn’t happen during exam time and my flat starts to look like a tornado has played soccer in it.

And to add to all of this, last week Thursday at about 4pm I get a phone call from my brother saying that him and my daughter were just mugged. Those are not nice words to hear over the phone. Thankfully they weren’t hurt. I spoke to my daughter and she was crying her eyes out and I could hear in my brothers voice that he was very shaken, so, naturally, I burst out crying at my desk at work.

The situation got me thinking that, to make ourselves feel better, we always think that bad things happen to other people. But I think that, especially with the crime rate in South Africa, it’s just a matter of time before something bad happens. Not a nice thought.

So, here I am, on a Sunday morning, having had simba chip sami’s for supper on Saturday, getting ready for a mammoth study session for my exam tomorrow.




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