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Freedom Day

freedom day

Yesterday was Freedom Day in South Africa. Freedom Day celebrates the first free and democratic elections that took place in South Africa. Almost 20 million South Africans voted.

mandela voting

On 27 April 2010 we celebrated 16 years of deepening democracy and freedom in South African and the achievements we have made as a nation:

1 – 27 April marks another milestone in the history of our nation. It is time to reflect and celebrate the journey that we travelled to achieve our freedom and democracy.
2 – On this day we remember the heroes and heroines from all walks of life in South Africa who sacrificed so much to ensure freedom for the all South Africans.
3 – Nation building requires every South African to recognise the values and principles enshrined in our constitution and avoid behaviour that may impact negatively on society.
4 – We celebrate a Bill of Rights which distinguishes us amongst the nations of the world and guarantees all South Africans freedom from the repression and hatred which characterised our past.

From a personal perspective, it is very easy to concentrate on all of the negative things that we hear in the news – murder, corruption and racism – and while I feel that these things need to be attended to and minimised, I also feel that sometimes too much emphasis is put on the negative stuff. If everyone is constantly concentrating on the negative, then how can anything positive be attained?

I have found some blogs that concentrate on the positive and I think they’re awesome.

1 –

2 –



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