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Blog posts I've enjoyed this week


I enjoy surfing the net reading all kinds of blogs. I can get totally lost in internet land. There’s just so much information out there. I though I’d share some of my favourite blog posts from the last week or so with you.

1 – Beautiful photos from National Geographic including the one below.

national geographic

2 – I would love to work at a place that has offices that look like any of these.

corporate office

3 – An article about 80’s cartoons.


4 – Gallery of weird animal species.

weird animal

5 – Check out these funny t-shirt designs.

funny t-shirt

6 – Interesting stuff that people do to their bodies.

strange surgery

7 – Funny creative works from Ryan Robinson.

8 – Doing her part to save the earth (

9 – Silly website names

10 – Unusual bridges from around the world

11 – Why I love South Africa by

south africa

12 – Appreciate diversity – stop racism this video must have taken ages to make. Wonderful dedication.

13 – South Africa’s 1st location-based war game

14 – Wikus van der Merwe – you have to check this out.

wikus van der merwe

15 – NASA releases new high resolution pictures of the sun.


There are so many more blog posts I could add to this list but I’ll keep the rest of them for future posts.




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