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Wednesday Links – News from around the world

My favourite news event for this week is the drama between FIFA and Kulula. Kulula released an advertisement that had a lot of soccer images in it and FIFA took exception to this. Kulula had to pull the ad but shortly replaced it with exactly the same picture but with a few notes added to it explaining what the images on the poster ‘actually’ are. What this has resulted in for Kulula is a lot of press coverage. According to Chris Moerdyk (read his article here) it has apparently even increased their ticket sales.

You can see a larger image of the ad at the original article.


Four bus drivers were injured in Cape Town when their vehicle were stoned during a taxi strike. I can understand the need to make your voice heard when there is an issue to be sorted out, but does it always have to result in innocent people getting hurt? Read the article here.

say no to violence

The violence at Durban University of Technology is in the spotlight. Students want the university to increase the number of buses to and from it and to provide cheaper food on campus. These seem like relatively descent requests so why in the heck has this turned into such a violent event? Students are accusing the police of various acts against them which the police say are lies. Anyway, read the article here and here.

The next article talks about something that is very scary to me and that is the lack of clean water on the earth and the fact that people are dying because they are drinking dirty water. In this article it is mentioned that millions of tons of untreated sewage and industrial and agricultural waste are poured into the world’s water systems every day. How groce is that? The article also mentions that at least 1.8 million children under the age of five die every year from water-related diseases. I think that is horrendous. Read the article for some more statistics on this horrible situation.

This is what it should look like.


It should most definitely not look like this.

dirty water


Another issue making headlines these past few weeks is the feud between China and Google. Read about it here, here, here, here and here.

oprah winfrey

Over the past few days you’ve also probably heard about the court case involving Oprah Winfrey and the ex-headmistress of her school. The headmistress was suing Oprah because she claimed that Oprah defamed her in 2007 during the scandal over the alleged sex abuse in her school. The case has been settled. Read about it here.



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