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Weird news from around the world

Seriously guys, some weird stuff happens. Some of it is downright dof.

Take, for example, this guy. He lost his Lamborghini, yes, I said Lamborghini, because he was too drunk to remember where he’d parked it. I’m telling you now, it doesn’t matter how drunk I get, I’m still gonna remember where my little mazda midge is waiting for me. Imagine losing a lambhorgini, dof hey.

Check out the worlds biggest advertising sing here. It took 3 years to design and 100 hours to build. I certainly hope that advert achieves what it’s designers meant for it to.

Okay, if your’e a truck driver and a car manages to lodge itself under your bumper, surely you’d be aware of it? Not this dude. Check out the link to watch a video of the guy driving his truck along the highway with the car stuck to the bumper. He eventually stopped and the driver of the car was unharmed. Thank heavens.

Imagine this – you’re traveling home and you get arrested at customs because you have tea bags in your bag. It happened to a Filipino tourist when customs officials thought that the tea bags she had with her were amphetamines. She was kept in custody for 5 days. Poor thing. Read the article here.

baby hitler

Nina Maria Kleivan is an artist. The only thing is she likes to dress her baby up as Hitler, yep, Hitler as a way of exploring “the meaning of evil”. Okay then.

During the course of game show history there has been some weird shows. But I don’t think anything is weirder than wanting to electrocute each other. Read the article here.

For a list of some really strange game shows check out this article at weirdworm.

This next article doesn’t fall under the category of weird. For South Africa anyway. This is and article on Yahoo news about how much it costs to maintain President Zuma’s wives and children. I’m sure people from other countries must find it weird.

I just don’t know hey.



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