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District 9 – AWESOME

It’s been a while since I watched District 9 but every now and then it comes to mind and I still feel proud that this movie was made in South Africa.

Who can forget Wikus van der Merwe or the fokken prawns, never mind that the graphics were pretty awesome too.

district 9

The plot of the movie is interesting. In 1982 an alien ship comes to earth and hovers over Johannesburg without moving for 3 months. A team is sent to break into the ship and they find over a million of insect-like aliens. The aliens, whom the humans derogatorily refer to as ‘prawns’, are given refuge on earth and are confined to a government camp in Johannesburg called District 9 which eventually turns into a slum.

district 9

After about 20 years a decision is made to move the aliens to a camp outside the city limits. A huge corporation is placed in charge of the relocation and Wikus van der Merwe is charged to lead the effort.

During a visit to District 9 Wikus is exposed to an alien substance and he slowly starts changing into an alien. When it is discovered that he can operate alien weapons with his mutating DNA, scientists at the company that he works for decide to disect Wikus to learn more about his condition.

He manages to escape and takes refuge in District 9 with one of the aliens, Christopher. He learns that Christopher is working on a plan to get himself back to the alien ship so that he can go back to his home planet and save his people.

district 9

From here the story follows Wikus and Christopher as they both try not to get caught by the people of the corporation.

In the end Christopher manages to escape and Wikus fully mutates into an alien.

The movie ends with Wikus looking through a pile of scrap and rubbish while he settles into life with the aliens in anticipation of Christopher’s (who has said he can change Wikus back to a human) return.

I really hope that they make a sequel for this movie so that we can all see what happens to Wikus.

Some facts about the movie:

The movie had a production budget of $30 million. It had an opening gross of $37,354,308. As of November 2009 it has grossed an estimated $115,646,235 in the United States and Canada and $83,801,844 in other territories, for a worldwide total of $203,600,000. How awesome is that? (figures taken from wikipedia).

The movie received 4 Academy Awards nominations, 7 British Academy Film Awards nominations, 5 Broadcast Film Critics Association nominations, and 1 Golden Globe nomination.

Click here for to read a review of the movie.

Rotten tomatoes on District 9 – “Technically brilliant and emotionally wrenching, District 9 has action, imagination, and all the elements of a thoroughly entertaining science-fiction classic.”



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