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Bad Day

Yesterday was just that – a bad day. I woke up in a mood and everything from then on just sucked.


I think the universe picked up on my negative aura and thought it would play a joke on me, because I just had a day full of stupid people and tons of queries.

After one particularly frustrating phone call I sat at my desk, stared at my computer and kind of phased out of reality. It was during this moment that I started thinking of things that irritate me. This is my list.

1) those long story emails that don’t have any pictures (because I like pictures)

2) those emails where you have to fill in your favourite colour and the name of your first doll etc.

3) ignorant people

4) people who try to get me to believe in the same thing that they believe, even though they know I’m not interested

5) those monkey things that people hang on the front of their vehicle – WHY????

6) people who constantly complain about a situation they are in but don’t do anything to improve or change it

7) people who drive in the middle of the road and slowly, especially when I need to be somewhere in a hurry

8 ) I freaking hate it when I can’t access facebook on my phone, because when I need my fix I want it NOW!

9) it irritates me when people click ‘like’ on someones facebook status when it is obvious that the person is unhappy or going through something difficult

So, that’s my list. When I was finished thinking of the things that annoy me, I started thinking of the things that make me smile. Hold on to your hats – some of these may have a soppy factor.


1) When my daughter is watching a movie and finds something funny and laughs to herself

2) When my man gives me a big giant bear hug for nothing

3) When I hear the baby pigeons chirping outside my window at work

4) the cute little froggies that stick themselves to the walls outside of my flat (they’re gorgeous)

5) A good meal in good company

6) Grandma’s Boy – AWESOME movie

7) When my daughter draws me a picture and writes ‘I love you’ on it

8 ) This one’s obvious – when I pass an exam even though I didn’t really study for it

9) My 1st cup of coffee for the day

Well, when I think about the things that make me smile, my mood immediately lifts and I realise it’s not really that bad.



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