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Lately I’ve put on a few extra kg’s in places that are starting to wobble unattractively.  So I’ve decided to try to go to gym a little more regularly.  So I set my alarm for early this morning so I could to the gym for a morning visit.

It went off, just like I’d asked it to (at 4:00am) and there I lay, having a fight with myself about the fact that I’d set the alarm in the first place.  So, me and my wobbly bits argued and argued and argued and in the end my wobbly bits won and off I went to gym.  I got there at about 4:50am and was very surprised to see how many people were already waiting.  Mornings seem to be quite popular and apparently that’s when all the hotties come to gym.  Boy, did I get to pig out on some eye candy this morning?

Needless to say, I’ll probably make morning workouts a regular thing.  That way I get to burn away my wobbly bits and check out some hunky men.

A winning situation, most definitely.



One thought on “Gym

  1. LMFAO!!!

    Me thinks the other half best get his membership sooner rather than later..

    Posted by Briget | November 25, 2009, 12:55

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